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  • Ecommerce website has been totally revamped


    I've was asked by Discount Till Rolls Ltd. to revamp their website and the main goal was to improve the conversion rates and total sales.

    The new design is cleaner and less congested, with additional white space and a bigger search box. Users can quickly find the products they are looking for by simply choosing the manufacturer and model of their cash register.  In the new revamped site, it has been observed that the wish list and shopping cart are simpler to get to and is more spontaneous.

    The E-commerce website has come a long way in the SEO (Search Enging Optimization) field but the results are really impressive.  Website ranks No.1 for main keywords, among the others: till rolls, cheap till rolls, discount till rolls, till rolls Ireland and many more.

    Conclusions: It was certainly a successful project!


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